Take the Pledge to be or Designate a Sober Skipper

On a boat, wind, vibration, noise, and the sun can intensify the effects of alcohol; and can impair balance and coordination, which are already hard to maintain on a boat (even without drinking). So if you're the skipper, stay alert - stay sober.

I Pledge To:

• Respect the legal drinking age.
• Be responsible for my vessel and all passengers.
• Be or designate a sober skipper (non-drinker).

    Take The Pledge


    Thank you for supporting the Sea Tow's Foundation Mission to promote safe boating practices. The Sea Tow Foundation is launching a nationwide program centered around the idea that boaters need to appoint a designated skipper whenever they are out on the water. Would you like to get involved? Great! Here are your options:
    The Sea Tow Foundation has been able to create promotional kits for other boating organizations to spread the word about the Designated Skipper Program easily with our pre-packaged kits which contain the following promotional materials:
    Each kit contains enough materials for about 100 people. These kits are FREE! By requesting this kit of materials, you agree to help the Sea Tow Foundation report upon the results of the campaign through a survey which will be emailed to you from info@boatingsafety.com.

    One kit includes:

    •    100 coasters
    •    5 Posters
    •    Social Media Posts and PSAs (recorded and written scripts for PSAs)
    •    200 Buckslips
    •    200 Stickers
    •    100 Wristbands

    Contact the Sea Tow Foundation at info@boatingsafety.com

    This project is produced under a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration & Boating Trust Fund, administered by the US Coast Guard.

    Request Materials

    Campaign Materials

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